Who Are Etsy’s Competitors

Who Are Etsy’s Competitors? All You Need To Know

Etsy, the eCommerce platform that we have all come to know and love, has established a very prominent presence in the market. It primarily provides a marketplace for creators of any form of artwork and allows them to sell it through their digital store.

Top 5 Competitors Of Etsy

As a result, Etsy shot to fame, and needless to say, countless other eCommerce firms followed suit. While Etsy may provide you with some top-notch services, there are numerous other eCommerce stores out there, which will provide you with similar services, if not better. For sellers, it becomes quite crucial to understand what alternatives they have, apart from Etsy,

Competitors Of Etsy

So here is a look at some of Etsy’s competitors to get you started. 


Shopify has become quite a household name when it comes to eCommerce platforms, and for good reason too. Shopify provides its sellers with an extremely dynamic platform, which is loaded with a range of features such as great templates, analytical tools, SEO features, et cetera. It is a platform that allows sellers to create a truly multi-faceted website, which makes it such a big competitor to Etsy. However, the one thing it cannot offer when compared to Etsy, is that sellers are on their own when it comes to establishing an audience. 


Zibbet, with its growing presence in the eCommerce world, is proving to be quite the contender in terms of handmade art products. It gives its users the options to either create their own store or sell to the existing audience via the Zibbet marketplace, thereby tackling the major problem Etsy users face, that is, the inability to establish their independent brand. However, Zibbet is still in its budding stages, which means that its reach is not as strong as that of Etsy. 

Big Cartel

Big Cartel, which provides its users with a platform to sell their stuff rather than a pre-existing marketplace, is one of Etsy’s major competitors. Despite not providing a marketplace, it has directed all of its resources towards, fine-tuning its services in order to satisfy the needs of its sellers, that is, the artists who sell their creations. Much like Shopify, it too provides its users with all the eCommerce functionalities that are necessary, thereby allowing them to design a unique website and establish their personal brand. 


Bonanza is quite a well-rounded website since it offers its users (who sell unique handcrafted products) the opportunity to make use of the existing marketplace or build a standalone store. It is armed with all the eCommerce platform features necessary, such as marketing tools, analytical features, et cetera, and thereby proves to be quite the competitor to Etsy. 


Wix is a platform that provides its users to develop their own website and thereby mimics the opportunities provided by Shopify to a large extent. It has an arsenal full of unique templates and exciting eCommerce features, which makes it quite exciting for independent sellers who are looking to build a lucrative digital store. 


Etsy has numerous competitors, all offering more or less the same value proposition in their own unique ways. The wide market allows most of them to coexist in a peaceful manner, which means that it is up to the sellers to do their research and zero in on one that fulfills their requirements. 

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