How Has Ecommerce Developed Over Time

How Has Ecommerce Developed Over Time?

There has been a sea change in marketing over years, from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the oldest marketplace in the world to eCommerce which is the most popular way of buying and selling goods and services.

Stages Of Developing Ecommerce Over Time

As the internet and technology access are rapidly increasing worldwide, the graph of online buyers and sellers keeps moving upward every year. 

Stages Of Developing Ecommerce Over Time

In particular, the development of eCommerce is not a strange thing to everyone. The eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy, and others are familiar to the public and each of these platforms are rapidly growing in the last few years. 

The Covid-19 pandemic also accelerated the development of online shopping. So, recently e-commerce has had that much significance in the business industries. 

This article explains the journey of eCommerce from the starting point to the present developing stage. To be exact, let’s start with how eCommerce has developed over time. 

How Ecommerce Evolved For A New Era Of Shopping?

Do you have an idea about the beginning of Ecommerce? Do you think that e-commerce starts after the arrival of the internet? Most people believe that eCommerce is a new way of marketing. E-commerce appeared in the early 1970s. 

Take your glance at the development of eCommerce. 

Initial Stage 

The first eCommerce transaction is done by the students at Stanford to sell marijuana to students at MIT. They use a pre-internet computer network between the universities. Gradually, the idea of teleshopping emerged and people start to purchase via their TV. Then the invention of HTML, HTTP, and hyperlinks paid the way to the creation of online stores. Besides, the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners Lee. The development of technology leads to true eCommerce transactions. True e-commerce means an item being purchased and being paid for entirely through the internet. 

Then Amazon and eBay were founded in 1994 and 1995 respectively. The arrival of PayPal as the first widely used e-commerce payment platform boosted up the development of eCommerce. Then mobile e-commerce also started and the entire marketing style began to change. 

Developing Stage 

In 2010, Ecommerce witnessed wide competition between marketers. And you already know that competition is a boosting factor in improvement. The top-ranked industries such as IBM and Magento start developing many applications with a great variety of features.

At this stage, the developers tried out features such as product management, onsite search, and multi-language functionality and through this, they increased the value of their software. 

The Current Stage

The marketers are analyzing the updated eCommerce trends to remain competitive and efficient. These eCommerce trends come out from various things including the demand of the customers, how they shop, and the response of the customers after shopping.

Recently, a lot of new trends have emerged, and the eCommerce spaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart have been using and benefiting from these trends. 

Ecommerce will only get wider and better because of the advanced technologies that emerge in the current scenario. Especially the pandemic time changed the entire lifestyle of the people. More people prefer to purchase online because they are not ready to come outside and take any risk of coronavirus. 

E-commerce developed a lot and is still developing through advanced technologies. The customer preference is also transferring to Ecommerce rapidly than in the past. In precise, the sales for e-commerce businesses are increasing day by day. 


Many developers commented that eCommerce is the future of the whole business in the world. Ecommerce can use various advanced technologies and effectively target your audience. A large number of customers are waiting to buy various products online. 

So, you can start an eCommerce business or shift your business online to get more profit. Choose the proper way and climb the ladder of success.

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