This Kibo Eclipse review is all you need to know about the efficacy, ingredients, customer reviews, pricing, and my final verdict to smoothen your final purchase decision.

The Kibo Eclipse program eCommerce course has been a hype among internet users recently.

Kibo Eclipse Reviews – A Unique Online Business Strategy!

This review article offers the all-encompassing Kibo Eclipse review and what you can expect from this eCommerce training system. 

  • The enrollment in this program was open from January 26th, 2021, to February 4th, 2021. However, until the number of seats is filled, the closing date for enrolling will be kept open by the authority.  
  • The new program will teach the Kibo Eclipse program online, and this review will be based on the Kibo Eclipse 2020 from their last pre-launched webinars. 
Kibo Eclipse Reviews
Program NameKibo Eclipse
Main BenefitsHelps to make profit in business
CategoryOnline Money Making
Important DatesPre-launch starts on – 19, January 2022
Cart opens on – 25, January 2022
Cart closes on – 01, February 2022
Price $3497 with instant discount $491
( Available payment as four installments of $997.00 each )
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Money-back guarantee30 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Kibo Eclipse?

The Kibo Eclipse is a training program that helps master an unprecedented mode of e-commerce for developing, running, and managing online stores like a champion.

In this program, there are several training modules packed with information on how to build up an e-commerce store and make profits from it by using the proven technique developed by Aiden Booth and Steven Clayton, the two marketing experts. The duration of the Kubo code course is eight weeks. 

The new Kibo Eclipse training program is not just a “reboot” or “relaunch” of the previous version, but it is an “upgraded” version after identifying all weak links of the first version and fixing them. 

What is Kibo Eclipse

Creator of Kibo Eclipse program – Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are the co-creator of this eCommerce course.

This duet is the most influential star among entrepreneurs and eCommerce affiliate marketers. Their popularity started from their successful digital marketing solutions and innovative eCommerce training applications.

Aidan Booth: Who is he?

Aidan Booth is known for his unorthodox yet successful digital marketing strategies. He has collaborated with both Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey on multiple projects. 

Steve Clayton – Who is he?

With years of knowledge in digital marketing Steve Clayton is one of the most distinguished eCommerce experts. He has led and managed exceptional organizations.

Kibo Eclipse Creator

What is included in Kibo Eclipse?

As the developers left a few clues on the new Kibo Eclipse training program modules that will be covered on live, let’s explore what has been done in the first Kibo Code program and what is expected the new version will deliver to you.

  • MODULE 1 – Kibo Incubator : Here, you will get classified training about every step of the Kibo Eclipse system. It is an introduction to e-commerce which is essential for you.
  • MODULE 2 – Kibo Jumpstart: This module will give you exclusive access to the Kibo resources like Kibo Live Event information, Kibo Kickstart, Kibo Accountability Program, contents, etc. Here, you will also get live assistance to give your store a professional look to turn the cold traffic into consumers.
  • MODULE 3 – Kibo HQ: This module will unlock to you five winning products that are hand-picked for gaining experience, making sales, and increasing profits quickly.
  • MODULE 4 – Kibo Oracle: The fourth module gives you access to some services exclusively done for you and some products from the remote repository of the Kibo Eclipse system.
  • MODULE 5 – Kibo Converters: In this module, you will learn some unique methods for generating traffic. This method will bring visitors instantly to your site from untapped sources, without any guesswork. Don’t forget that in this program, the developers’ primary focus is on “FREE TRAFFIC.” 
  • MODULE 6 – Kibo Scializer: This module will introduce you to the art of product research or product bidding by using proprietary software. It will surely help you scale up your profits. 
  • MODULE 7- Kibo Acelerators: Kibo Eclipse team of experts operates this Kibo Academy, a support system 24/7. The only purpose of this system is to clarify Kibo graduates’ doubts and optimize their accomplishments. 
  • MODULE 8 – Kibo Mentorpoint:

Hopefully, you’ll understand the first Kibo Eclipse program much more clearly from the above descriptions of the modules.


How does Kibo Eclipse work, and How does it benefit you?

Here is the entire process of how Kibo Eclipse training works explained in step-by-step directions –

You will get a general website domain by using the tools of the Kibo Eclipse program.

With a highly converting theme and the preloaded website, you will be assisted fully to build up an online store. 

Then using the new Kibo software, you will learn to pinpoint and upload profitable products, selecting from around 3 million items.

Now load up the website with various product listings where no text creation or image is needed.

Then the developers will give instructions on how to send targeted instant traffic using untapped methods.

Suppliers who are USA-based will deliver the products to your customers directly when sales are made. You will save time and invest this time in your other productive works.

Last, you have to optimize your website by eliminating merchandise that doesn’t sell well and picking the most beneficial ones. The customization will help you target consumers who will invest in your project.  

Keep repeating the above process to identify more profitable products besides increasing profits, which will help you scale up.

Though there are some more elements also, this is the basic step-by-step process.

Benefits of Kibo Eclipse Program 

The 5-step system of the program not only provides you with adequate knowledge but also lets you have some unique features to increase your profit while not investing anything on your part. This Kibo Eclipse review will elaborate on some of the benefits you will get once you sign up for this program –

  • Low risk: The program is a shallow risk when compared to other eCommerce business models. The primary reason for this is uninvolved inventories. 
  • More accessible and Quick: This Kibo Eclipse review informs you how quickly and easily this program delivers the result to you. You can get your products tested here within 48 hours. 
  • Workout in Advance: in the Kibo eclipse review, you will see that advance’s gain of realistic profits can be estimated. 
  • Nothing to give up: Your job or daily routine can stay intact because almost all the Kibo Eclipse review processes are automatic. 
  • Zero traffic issues: You can directly place your products in front of your customers if you use high-targeted buyer traffic’s untapped sources.
Kibo Eclipse Benefits

Pros and Cons 

The Kibo eclipse program has a different approach to earning profit. With your eCommerce store, it sells profitable products. You do not have to buy anything to start selling the products. All you have to do is learn the eCommerce course and utilize the benefits of the program. 


  • Easy to Learn: Methods of the Kibo Eclipse program are proven as understandable for everyone with or without any prior experience in online business. 
  • Experienced Teachers: Internet marketing experts with extensive track records in online business give training.
  • No Supplier Issues: As the program treats the suppliers, you won’t face any issues related to suppliers.
  • Affordable: You don’t need to spend on ads because the new Kibo Eclipse program offers the option to drive free traffic only. 
  • Contact with consumers: You won’t have to communicate with the consumers directly. 


  • The premium is costly: The premium price of the program offers mentorship permanently and many more, but the cost may pause you.
  • Profits will take some time: Earnings and profits may not start right from day 1.
kibo eclipse program 2022

Is Kibo Eclipse legit or not? 

The program is legit. However, it will not work unless you understand that this system will provide you with knowledge, guidance, and tools, but the effort and work have to be yours. You have to work for the profits and sell the products. 

You can get the case studies once you enroll in the program. You can also refer to other people having success with the Kibo Eclipse program and read the other Kibo Eclipse reviews. 

Kibo Eclipse Customer reviews and complaints

Through thousands of Kibo Eclipse reviews, one thing that became clear is that the program works perfectly fine. Most of the customers have left a suitable remark

“I was able to earn within a month after enrolling,” “excellent teaching methods, easy to understand the creators,” etc., were most of the reviews. Many website bloggers also tested it out, left great reviews, and wrote blogs about their success stories. Other Kibo Eclipse reviews also talk about the upcoming bonuses and the easy user interface of the program.

Kibo Eclipse Customer Reviews

Kibo Eclipse Pricing and Availability

Consulting other Kibo Eclipse reviews, it is confirmed that two options are there for you to purchase the Kibo Eclipse training program. 

You can pay $3497, where you will get a discount of $491 instantly. The other option is to pay $997 for four times scheduled apart 30 days. 

No need to worry about security because, via ClickBank, the checkout is handled. ClickBank accepts PayPal and all major debit/credit cards, including VISA, Amex, Diners, MasterCard, Discover. You will lose nothing as this is secured by no-questions-asked 30 days money-back guarantee.

Bonuses of Kibo Eclipse

Unlike the other Kibo Eclipse reviews, this article will tell you the real bonuses – 

  • Social Selling Secrets: You will not miss out on any live event as the recorded version will be available to you always. 
  • Kibo Event Live Recordings: It will offer you advanced workshops with additional formulas, strategies, and tactics worth 4997 dollars. You can frame advanced blueprints and flourish in the eCommerce industry. 
  • The Secret Mastermind: it will teach you how to earn 7 figure scales and grow your business.
Kibo eclipse Bonuses

Why is Kibo Eclipse unique?

Unlike other Kibo Eclipse reviews, here, you will get only the truth. The program uses algorithms with the help of its unique software systems, and unlike the other programs, Kido code will make the process easy so you don’t face any issues. The advertising campaigns, store setups, inventory management, and foreign suppliers are handled by the program. 

Kibo Eclipse reviews also point out that you will also get an exclusive membership with Steve and Aidan and get beneficial pointers on how to grow your eCommerce business from start to finish. But the other programs will just go over some necessary and unnecessary points and waste your time and resources. 

Everything from management to delivery in Kibo Eclipse is superior to that of other programs. 

Final Verdict on Kibo Eclipse reviews

Unlike the other Kibo Eclipse reviews, this review ensures the facts. The internet will give you hundreds of paid and free eCommerce training programs. They will claim to provide you with services and help so that you can set your foot in this overly competitive arena. Unfortunately, most of them will hog all your money and time but give you hardly anything worthy of your investment. 

This Kibo Eclipse review explains to you what this program offers you in return for your money and time. The first version was good, but this latest version of the program is better with various new modules, benefits, and other learning guides. 

As eCommerce is rising in the digital market, knowledge will give you future benefits to profit from marketing. More product selling and buying are happening online, giving you more opportunities, so 2021 is the right time to learn eCommerce. What better way to do that when you have the Kibo Eclipse business program available at an affordable price.

All this information is taken from trusted Kibo Eclipse reviews with proofs.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is an online training process that offers you a thorough knowledge of eCommerce to earn profits from it. 

2. How to Contact the creators of the program?

You can visit their website and click on the “support” option. The system will direct you to the creators after you specify what kind of help you need. 

3. Will I get any bonus with the Kibo Eclipse system?

Yes, absolutely. You will be able to access 3 types of bonuses – The core manual, the profit map, and the case studies.

4. What if the Kibo Eclipse program does not benefit me?

It will benefit you if you understand the dynamics of the Kibo Eclipse. The system will guide you and teach you, but you will have to do the work to earn profits. You may check other Kiba code quantum reviews that say the same.

5. How much does the Kibo Eclipse course cost?

It costs you $3497 to $997 to enroll. 

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