Is Uber A C2C Business Company? All You Need To Know

E-commerce has emerged as the trendy and the most convenient as well as a profitable way of doing business. There are several types of models such as B 2 C, B 2 B, and C2 C. The typical features of a C2C business model are role interchangeability from service provider to customer and vice versa. Other features are the sharing of common interests such as saving money and gathering into communities.

Everything To Know About C2C Business

There are many successful C2C platforms where experts can upload video tutorials of themselves as an expert on a specific subject. Such videos are available to a registered user on the platform requiring expertise in that particular field. Then there is a tourism C2C platform where tourists can stay with registered locals in another country and even get hot meals at much lower costs than hotels. 

Everything To Know About C2C Business

The two-way benefits are evident in the above examples. A registered member can learn new skills from a vast choice available and can also earn money for his or her own skills. The homestay options allow locals in any city to earn at home and tourists can save money on hotels as well as get home-cooked meals. 

Overview Of Uber

Uber is primarily a taxi-based C2C eCommerce company based out of San Francisco. This company leases fleets of cabs in cities around the world. It is a typical customer 2 customer (C2C) type of business where the customer becomes the supplier and vice versa.  This business model works on the basis of installed mobile apps. Car operators and car fleet owners get themselves registered as Uber cabs. Customers requiring transport can also install the app. For both the cabs and the customers, the app works on the basis of GPS (Global positioning system). A customer asks for a cab at his or her location and also types in his or her destination. A cab in the vicinity is alerted and directed to the customer. 

Terms & Conditions

Once seated, a One time password (OTP) number appears on the customer’s app with the number of the cab and the name of the driver. Once the OTP given by the customer is keyed in by the cab driver, the destination with a guided map appears on the driver’s screen and the driver proceeds to drop the customer to the ordered location. The app has several C2C facilities such as delivering a rating on a scale of 1 to 5. There is also a facility for delivering food to the customer while on the ride and this popular facility is known as Uber eats. This successful business model has been aped by several cab services and remains as one of the most successful C2C business models. 

Innovation Of Uber

Uber has been innovating in several ways. During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Uber diversified itself into logistics and provided door-to-door delivery of grocery and essential eatables to the homes of its customers. This company went on to launch Uber connect which is a typical C2C model where customers could not only order merchandise from stores but also send gift items and urgent deliverables to each other. 


A typical C2C company offers incentives both ways to consumers. The rating facility enables drivers to get higher pay with ratings of 4 and above. Riding customers can earn miles and receive discounts for cab rides taken. The other C2C facility is the pay through phone option and there is a limited cash transaction. 

Uber is ranked as one of the best examples of a C2C company and has made a name for itself. Yes, Uber is a C2C  

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