How Can I Improve My Ecommerce Search Engine

How Can I Improve My Ecommerce Search Engine

E-commerce business has increased a lot during COVID-19 as mostly all businesses were running through online mode, which was challenging. The biggest challenge is that many entrepreneurs had no idea how to run their business digitally and because of this their business had gone down and they had to bear huge financial losses.

10 Useful Points To Improve Your Ecommerce Search Engine

The best ways one can improve their E-Commerce business are:-

Useful Points To Improve Your Ecommerce Search Engine
  1. Rather than using one’s language, one should focus on using the customer’s language as the prospective buyer/customer can get a clear insight that the product has been used by a third party and that individual is satisfied after using the product.
  2. The search box should be easily located where prospective customers can easily search the product/products they want to buy.
  3. The page should be attractive with videos of previous customers who have used these products and narrating their experience/comments in real-time and inserting keywords that match the product’s credibility. One can include the size, shape, figures, and colors of the product, and most important to FAQs as it will help in removing any confusion from the customer’s side so that the prospective customer can buy a particular product without hesitation.
  4. One should add links to products and if any product has received a high customer review, it should be placed in the navigation bar so that the product attracts customers’ attention and sells fast.
  5. Using a live chat widget will help understand customer needs and if there are any doubts in the minds of customers, you can clarify doubts at that instance and can persuade the customer to buy the product immediately before he gets interested in products of your competitors.
  6. Always encourage free shipping as the customer feels obliged and thinks you care for their needs. Do not forget to make attractive offers/discounts during major festivals on   Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, etc. as it will help in promoting one’s business and people will buy these products because who does not like offers. This way one can increase one’s turnover and ultimately one’s profit.
  7. While selling products online one thing the customer feels scared about is cybercrime. This fear should be removed and one should convince one’s customers that all transactions are safe and secure. All cards should be accepted not only to a selective few or else you might lose a customer.
  8. The loading speed of the site should be less than one second as after that people may lose interest thinking that you are casual and will go to your competitor’s site for the same product.
  9. One should always promote their business on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Pinterest as people get a lot of information from these platforms as groups are formed in social media and if a person from the group has purchased any product then it gets shared amongst others of the same group quickly. 
  10. The contents of the website should be free of spelling mistakes as a single mistake will show poorly on you and one may lose customers because of it. One should go on adding information daily about one’s products to increase one’s visibility and it gives a clear picture to the customer that it is a serious business


If these points are followed methodically the business is bound to flourish, sales will increase and so is the profit. This way one can assure their happiness along with that of their customers.

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