• Workshops + Events can consist of 12 people max, unless approved by Miroja
  • If need be lite refreshments could be brought in, however do note there will be no refrigerator space. Please notify Miroja in advance if you are planning to provide refreshments.
  • Workshops can be blocked for a period of 4 hours (which includes any prep/clean up time) so depending on how long you need to prep or clean up can depend how long you decide to hold your workshop. Blocked time is to be agreed to by Miroja
  • You will promote your event and make any ticket sales on your website
  • Miroja will list your event on our website calendar and also make social media announcements on each platform 
  • You will provide Miroja with a few images (no images with text on it unless calligraphy) to use for promotion and the url to purchase tickets.
  • All attendees of your workshop will get a 10% discount to purchase anything from Miroja for use during the time of their workshop 
  • Chairs/Tables will be provided by Miroja
  • You will be responsible for making sure tables are protected if need be. 
  • You will be liable for any damage caused during the workshop.
  • Prep/Clean-up will be your responsibility
  • Miroja will be responsible for disposing any trash once your workshop is complete
  • Street Parking is available
  • Restrooms are available (in another part of the building upstairs)
  • Although animals are normally welcome at Miroja during regular business hours, they are not allowed during events or workshops unless approved by Miroja
  • We'll touch base the week of your workshop/event with an exact headcount and any details needed.

Location Information

1417 NW 54th Street #102 Seattle, WA 98107

Please also provide any photo credits if necessary. You can also email this to hello@shopmiroja.com