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our story.


Miroja is a tiny botanical boutique behind Floral Design company, La Fleur Kitchen. we're based in the ballard neighborhood of seattle.

We carry a selection of botanical goods and designs for your home. We curate our favorites made in the USA.

Our selection is made for the minimalist and inspired by all things simple and natural. We support small businesses, makers and designers of small batch products. we are also very proud that 100% of our products are made by women.

Miroja also holds small community design workshops and private events with an intimate feel to strengthen short and long term creative aspirations or goals. For more information on how to attend upcoming workshops/events or request to hold your own event at Miroja click here

How do you pronounce it? MAH-ROH-jah
what does it mean? that's A common question, but a story we love to share. its a personal name we made up that resembles our family!





1417 NW 54th #102
Seattle, WA 98107
+1 206 466 6393

mon - wed : 10a – 3p
thurs - sat 10a - 5p
SUN 12p - 5p 

follow us @shopmiroja