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Propagate your Curly Willow

Photography by  Hannah Garvin

Photography by Hannah Garvin

Not sure about you, but we love the craziness of the curly willow. We have a tree in our backyard, but we love to bring it indoors. We always trim a good branch and bring it into our living room space. The best thing about the cuttings of a curly willow is watching it propagate over time. It's so easy and simple and brings so much character into your home. With these simple steps, you can also get the same results!

Place your curly willow cut ends directly into a vessel with water in a warm spot and out of direct sunlight. Change the water 2x a week and within two to three weeks you will see root hairs sprouting all along the cut end of your cuttings (and as you're propagating them, you'll see new leaves coming out too!) Double the fun!